Schloss Hernstein von der Vogelperspektive Peter Hruska

The Castle

Welcome to Schloss Hernstein - a magnificent castle estate with a modern guest annex.

Hotel Schloss Hernstein is attached to a historic estate and boasts 71 rooms and 3 suites. Today, after careful and elaborate restoration, the contemporary elegance of the rooms is perfectly matched with the charm of the castle.

Blick auf das Schloß Hernstein und Teich Peter Hruska
Blick auf das Schloß Hernstein und Teich Peter Hruska

The Castle Park

The idea behind the English garden was to eliminate the mathematical rigour of precisely laid-out beds and trimmed hedges that had existed up to that point, and to base the garden design more on what nature had to offer in terms of views.

The castle park is designed in the style of an English landscape garden. The garden gate is located at the south side of the park and is a staggered crenellated portal group with a large ogee arch door between pillars, flanked by small shoulder arch doors. Built in 1857 according to a design by Theophil von Hansen. To the right of this is the porter's lodge with an L-shaped ground plan and made of rubble stone masonry under a gable roof.

The principle of a natural landscape should be reflected in the castle park, which should ensure beauty in the eye of the beholder thanks to different and varied views in the sense of the ideal of a "walkable landscape painting".

Behind the castle, you can see the view of the castle ruins. The remains of a square defence tower with a wall thickness of 240 cm in the basement with ashlars and in the upper storey with quarry stone masonry are preserved, as are the 12th century rectangular windows on the south and north sides.