Terms of Conditions

All prices quoted are inclusive VAT but do not include local taxes


  • to guarantee your booking we ask you to sign and return our contract; otherwise a booking can not be
  • the number of expected participants and the exact duration of the event will be communicated upon
    confirmation by the organizer
  • the hotel is entitled to change the prices and already confirmed conference rooms for reductions of
    more than 10%
  • we charge for each additional break out room an additional room rent per day (price depends on the
    size of the room)
  • we would please you to book your break out rooms in advance, if possible at time of booking


  • we urge participants of an event to check in until 18:00 o`clock at a later arrival, we request notification to that effect
  • the hotel rooms are available on your arrival day at 14:00 o`clock
  • the hotel rooms must be vacated before 11:00 o`clock on the day of departure and the keys have to be returned at the reception
  • depending on the workload ( consultation with the reception ) the room can also be used longer. In this case we charge an amount of € 40,-.


  • We accept the following credit cards in addition to cash:
  • Invoices have to be transferred without any deduction after receiving the bill


  • up to 3 months prior to the event no costs will be charged
  • 3 months to 1 month before the event 40 % of the total package price
    (excluding beverage flat for meal)
  • 1 month to 1 week before the event 70 % of the total package price
    (excluding beverage flat for meal)
  • in the last week before the event 90 % of the total package price
    (excluding beverage flat for meal)
  • Cancellations must be made in a written form
  • We ask for understanding that the operator is liable for cancellation charges from not consumed nights
    of event guests, even if the organizer is not responsible for the charging of the room costs


  • the organizer informs its participants that his event is not a conference of the company „Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership“, but the venue is the Seminar Schloss Hernstein

In case of the following reasons the hotel is entitled at any time to terminate the contract:

  • if the event endangers the smooth operation
  • if the reputation and security of the house is at any risk
  • if false information is given to the organizer (see competition clause)
  • if force majeure effects
  • The organizer can not be entitled to assert claims for damages


  • in case of loss or damage to items brought , we assume no liability
    damage or contamination of the premises by the organizers and the guests are charged separately